Digital Concierge

Instant Responses that Save You Time

Allow your guests the convenience of retrieving answers to questions about your hotel instantly and efficiently, without having to ring the call centre. With an interactive interface, your guests will be spending more time consuming information from the digital concierge than a physical compendium.
Vouch Guest Experience Platform Digital Compendium FAQ

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Mapping the Vouch Guest Journey

Vouch Digital Concierge Guest Journey


Instant Answers

Get answers instantly whenever your guests have questions about the hotel.

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Reduced Dropped Calls

Receive less low-impact calls and reduce chance of dropped calls.

High Use Rates

Approachable and easy to use interface that guides users through its different functionalities.

Flexible Modification

Modify, add or remove content to the digital concierge immediately at no extra cost.

Reduce Ecological Footprint

Remain sustainable and reduce carbon footprint by digitalising your communications.

Commonly Asked Questions

Digital Concierge

You will be given admin access to the Vouch Client Portal where information on your hotel will be drawn and displayed on the Digital Concierge. The access to our Portal is free and you will have the flexibility to add or amend your responses whenever necessary.

Yes! The Digital Concierge is as useful to domestic guests as it is for foreign-speaking international travellers. Identify your common guest profiles and Vouch can accommodate language customisation for your top demographics.

At Vouch, we believe clients should sign up only for modules they need. So yes, we can create a Digital Concierge with services of your choice. Leave us a message in the enquiry form below for a quotation.

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