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Crowne Plaza Bandung Spearheads Digitalisation with Vouch

Crowne Plaza Bandung is a five-star IHG hotel in downtown Bandung, Indonesia that seeks new technologies to become more sustainable and efficient in its daily operations

Vouch created the Digital Concierge Jaka, which is easy to use and requires minimal training for the staff, and it helps the team at Crowne Plaza Bandung to streamline environmentally friendly operations to reduce paper usage, and deliver high quality services to its guests more efficiently

Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform also has other features such as mobile check-in and facility booking to enhance guest experience throughout a guest’s stay

Spearheading Hotel Digital Transformation

Situated at the heart of Bandung’s business district, Crowne Plaza Bandung is an iconic five-star Indonesian hotel that delivers excellent services to both business and leisure guests.

To stay ahead of the digital transformation curve in the Indonesian hospitality scene, Crowne Plaza Bandung has teamed up with Vouch to create a Guest Platform named Jaka to bring experiences at the hotel to a whole new level.

Accessing Swimming Pool Information through Jaka in Multiple Languages

Towards Sustainable Operations

For hotels,  practicing sustainability not only leaves a smaller carbon footprint, but also comes with commercial benefits such as attracting more customers and promoting brand image. A 2021 research from shows that 83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital, with 61% saying the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has taken actions in improving sustainability and promoting environmentally friendly practices. For example, the IHG Green Engage System is implemented in all IHG hotels to monitor and reduce energy, water usage and waste in daily operations.

As an IHG hotel, Crowne Plaza Bandung takes the initiative to embrace digital transformation and  adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, starting by reducing paper usage and improving paper recycling rate.

The first steps towards sustainability may not be easy, especially for operation staff adapting to change. But luckily for the operations team at Crowne Plaza Bandung, Jaka is here to help with streamlining daily operations while reaching its goal of reducing paper used for compendium, brochures and greeting letters.

Jaka’s easy to use interface requires minimal staff training, and its full suite of guest-centric features are ideal solutions to meet the hotel’s sustainability needs. For instance, guests can place orders directly through Jaka without referring to a printed menu, and the room service team is immediately informed of the in-room dining orders. This reduces the amount of printed paper, prevents excessive training costs and saves valuable man-hours that could have been used to deliver high-impact services to guests.

Crowne Plaza Bandung recognised Jaka’s potential to improve the hotel’s sustainability performance and operational efficiency. Once the decision was made to incorporate Jaka into the hotel, Vouch’s diligent customer success team got to work immediately, and within a month’s time, Jaka was ready to serve guests.


Maintaining Service Excellence with Higher Efficiency

Instead of asking guests to go through the trouble of downloading a new app on their phone, Vouch’s Digital Concierges are completely app-less. QR codes are placed conveniently in every hotel room, and guests can simply scan the code to activate Jaka on their own mobile device. Without the burden to download yet an additional app, Jaka’s app-less implementation is more appealing to guests and achieves a high user adoption rate.

Crowne Plaza Bandung_Digital Concerige_Vouch_QR code
QR codes to access Jaka are placed in every hotel room and does not require app download

Being an app-less solution, Vouch’s Guest Platforms do not fall short in features that effectively boost operational efficiency. Crowne Plaza Bandung chose three features to incorporate into Jaka:

Digital Concierge

Jaka allows guests to access information about and around the hotel through the compendium and FAQ function.

In-Room Dining

Guests can place orders with Jaka, and the room service team can immediately prepare to serve the food to guests.

Room Item Request

Guests can request items or room cleanings directly and contactlessly from their mobile devices, and Jaka makes sure that no guest request is left unattended.

As the guest platform that is available to serve guests 24/7, Jaka not only makes the stay more enjoyable for guests, but also makes the job easier for the operations team. For example, with more dining orders placed through Jaka, the staff are seeing a boost in efficiency as dropped call rate is reduced and more time is devoted for high-impact interactions with guests.

“With Jaka’s help, our staff spend less time answering guest requests in the call centre and in-room dining orders are served more quickly. We really appreciate the boost in efficiency and we wish all guest requests are placed with Jaka from now onwards!” said the hotel’s Revenue Manager Cipto Omar said.

In addition to helping staff to deliver excellent services more efficiently, the team at Crowne Plaza Bandung also takes advantage of guest feedback collected from Jaka to monitor service quality and carry out service recovery. Guests can leave feedback after they request a service through Jaka, and the team can use this feedback to follow up on services that could be improved.

Crowne Plaza Bandung_Digital Concerige_Vouch_Review Guest Feedback
Feedback and Ordering Room Service through Jaka

“Jaka’s features are very easy to use, and with the reviews collected from Jaka, we now have one more very effective way to get better at serving our guests. “ said Debbyanti Thahir, Director of Sales and Marketing . “Vouch is a great hospitality solution partner that has helped us a lot in becoming a more sustainable and efficient business. I would be happy to recommend Vouch to all IHG hotels in Indonesia.“ 

Apart from the three features that Jaka has, Vouch can provide so much more. Watch this short video to see how Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform forges a seamless and enjoyable guest journey.

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