Everything You Need To Know About Guest Experience Platforms

Everything You Need To Know About Guest Experience Platforms

As borders reopen amidst the abating of COVID-19 restrictions in many places around the world, international travel has seen surging demand for flights, tours, and hotel stays. But besides the frantic rush for hotels to reawaken from their slumber of the past two years, many hospitality teams are also facing a new challenge – how to keep up with the rapid digitalisation that the pandemic has inevitably accelerated.

In particular, businesses, travellers, and consumers alike have gravitated towards a new, digitally-mediated ‘normal’[1]. They expect more things to be available digitally, facilitating contactless, on-demand services, such as contactless check-in for hotels. But in an industry where having that ‘personal touch’ is key to the customer experience, how can hotels go digital but still retain the personal touch?

The guest experience platform

If anything hotels can take away from the pandemic, one solution comes in the form of the guest experience platform. Incorporating the ability to carry out routine hotel services like check-ins, facilities booking, or even room requests, these guest experience platforms have seen an uptake across hotels in Singapore and around the globe. The platforms can be programmed and personalised to match the hotel’s brand and service style, as well as connect users directly to service staff for real-time, human-to-human interaction.

Curious to know how a guest experience platform like Vouch’s can give hotel businesses an edge over their competitors? Let us walk through some of the advantages below:

1. Enhancing guest satisfaction

No one enjoys waiting in line – not to pay for groceries, board an aeroplane, and especially, not in the hotel lobby for a room key. With features such as mobile check-in for hotels that provide quick and easy pre-authorisation of stays and credit confirmation details, guests are able to begin enjoying their stay in record time. Moreover, hotels can keep their health-conscious guests satisfied with contactless check-in and check-out services that minimise physical contact in crowded lobby areas.

Hoteliers will also find the digital concierge useful in providing 24/7 responses to queries while also pulling double duty when it comes to facilities bookings and room requests. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be answered instantly using pre-programmed replies, while the option to contact a service staff is also available. With improved response times, that is definitely one more thing your guests will smile about.

2. Improving productivity

Many hotel teams have shrunk ever since the pandemic slowed their businesses to a halt. Rather than solely depending on rushing to train up new hires, technology can pull its weight to automate certain tasks and lighten the load on your service team. While the guest experience platform handles the nitty-gritty of routine tasks and common queries, the hotels’ personnel can turn their focus to more important activities like building connections with guests, attending to specific requests, or enhancing facility management in the hotel.

Furthermore, Vouch’s platform integrates multi-language capabilities, alleviating the communication issues that sometimes arise when guests and staff do not speak a common tongue. For smaller establishments that find it a challenge to hire a vast and diverse team, the Vouch platform can be a lifesaver that allows for a high level of service for foreign guests while minimising frustrations on both ends.

3. Adapting to changing needs

What sets a hotelier apart from the competition, you might ask? In the digital age, it takes more than a good product to succeed. This essentially means that besides having beautifully outfitted rooms, world-class facilities, and impeccable cleanliness, the customer experience is everything.

With Vouch’s guest experience platform, hotels can now infuse their brand’s unique personality and customer service ethos to set themselves apart from their competition. Our modular services allow for a high level of customisation, providing hoteliers with options for a customised fit tailored to your exact requirements.

Furthermore, the digital nature of the platform supplies new data and insights into what travellers and hotel guests of today are like. By partnering with Vouch, you are also opening the doors to understanding your customers better and gaining ideas on how to innovate and evolve with the changing trends.


The ‘new normal’ has not spared the hospitality industry, but this could mark a change for the better. As guests become more demanding of digital services and quality customer service, hotel businesses that do not keep up with the innovations and changing guest expectations of today will eventually be left behind. Ultimately, it is up to hoteliers to recognise the needs and position themselves as game-changers.

Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform gives hoteliers ample features and flexibility to customise their guest experience interactions while being convenient and user-friendly. Not only can it enhance guest satisfaction, but it can also be a strategic move by maximising productivity for your team. Ready to elevate your business and stay ahead of the curve? Speak with us today to see how we can take your business to the next level. Alternatively, you may head to our resources for more information or visit our website to learn more about Vouch.


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