Facilities Booking

Facilities Management Made Easy

Avoid disappointed and frustrated guests by giving them the self-serviced access to make bookings for facilities before and during their hotel stay. Vouch’s Facilities Booking system allows your hotel complete back-end control on a single platform.

Our Clients:

Mapping the Vouch Guest Journey

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Increased Productivity

Crowd control without manpower deployment at the facilities.

Easily Accessible

Book facility slots conveniently via Facebook or through our intuitive platform using mobile phones.

Manage all Bookings in One Place

Flexibility to make amendments and oversee all transactions on the booking calendar for each facility on a unified platform.

Control capacity and usage times

Create conducive facilities by defining length of use per booking and the number of guests per time slot.

Commonly Asked Questions

Facilities Booking

Vouch allows only one booking, per facility, per day, made on each device. This reduces the chance of overstaying and enables more guests to enjoy using your facilities without being in a crowd.

Similar to our Digital Concierge and Contactless Dining modules, you will have an admin account to the back-end platform for management of all your facilities. The dashboard will contain overall figures and details of each booking for the team’s access.

Once the booking is made, your guests will be able to retrieve their booking records and delete those they wish to miss. If they would like to make a new booking, they can recreate one in less than a minute!

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