Vouch Introduces The Ultimate Solution That Combines Pre-Arrival Engagement and Revenue Management for Hotels

Vouch announces the launch of Bespoke by Vouch – a holistic solution that combines pre-arrival guest personalisation and revenue optimisation for hotels. Bespoke by Vouch empowers hotel guests with a convenient platform to customise their stay according to their preferences, while allowing hotels to maximise productivity and revenue through automated pre-arrival engagements.

A solution that works seamlessly across the revenue and operation teams, Bespoke by Vouch is designed to help hotels achieve incremental revenue with minimal effort. Guests are given the opportunity to purchase ancillary services, seasonal deals and room upgrades days before arriving, giving hotels ample time to make preparations and fulfil these requests to perfection. With Opera integration, all transactions are recorded on the hotel’s PMS for timely execution and this greatly reduces the time needed for manual follow ups.

Key Benefits of Bespoke by Vouch

  • Streamlined pre-arrival engagement where guests receive personalised emails to enhance their stay with options of add-ons and upgrades.
  • Incremental revenue for hotels with a robust upselling channel that reaches out to all guests prior to their arrival dates.
  • Powerful management portal that allows hotel full control on pricing and availability on all items, including room upgrades, spa packages, F&B offerings and third-party ancillary services.
  • Guaranteed transactions every time with instant payment and confirmation of deals (instead of having guests to bid or request for upsells – only to be rejected upon check-in) 
  • Manpower savings for front office and reservations as all transactions are recorded on the hotel’s Opera PMS automatically.
  • Increased guest satisfaction with pre-arrival questionnaires where hotels can obtain important guest information like dietary restrictions and arrival timings through the platform for a better understanding of each guest and how to best serve them.

Pre-Arrival Engagement Meets Targeted Upselling

With Bespoke by Vouch, guests start their pre-arrival journey by completing a short questionnaire about their upcoming stay and preferences. According to their answers, the platform displays recommendations that are optimised for the specific guest segment and targets them with highly relevant experiences and deals that would likely interest them.

A Management Portal Revenue Managers Love

Special attention was given to the creation of the back-end management portal and many built-in functions are designed to allow maximum control and flexibility for hotel revenue managers, even if they choose not to integrate Bespoke by Vouch with their PMS.

Some key features of the management portal include: 

  • Open/Close/Allotment per day with quick change settings for week/month/day of week strategies.
  • Up to 5 rate levels to maximise revenue according to demand.
  • Flexibility to exclude groups or market segments from Bespoke campaigns
  • Option to charge by per guest/room/combination/stay.
  • Accurate and appropriate upsells to each booking, i.e. King bed bookings are offered only King room upgrades.

Bespoke by Vouch keeps room inventory management at the hotels in check by disabling platform access for guests on the day of their arrival, ensuring no unexpected last-minute requests that operations will be pressured to fulfil. Additionally, for room upgrades, the management portal triggers a second round of inventory check on Opera to verify room availability before proceeding to make payment on the platform.

Personalised Offers, Instant Confirmation

A look at how Bespoke by Vouch works for your hotel guests:

Pay Nothing Till You Earn

Hotels can implement Bespoke by Vouch at no capital expense with Vouch’s revenue sharing model. Fee for set up, training and customer support will also be waived for this pre-arrival upsell platform. 


Contact Vouch representatives today or visit Bespoke by Vouch for more information.