Incremental Revenue Generation for Bangkok Hotels

Meet Joe, a traveller ready to explore the world again after the borders have opened. His first stop, the city of smiles – Bangkok. Having been cooped up at home due to the pandemic, the desire to travel and spend has been greatly intensified. Joe is prepared to spend that additional savings from the past two years to fully indulge during his time in Bangkok.

With the high possibility of “revenge-travelling” and guests wanting and willing to spend more, hotels should look to leverage this with opportunities to upsell and cross-sell their services to guests. But how can hotels take this chance to increase incremental revenue without disrupting the guest experience by appearing too pushy?

Let’s follow Joe throughout his stay in “Hotel Bangkok” and identify the possible areas where additional expenses would likely be made.


Prior to arriving at Hotel Bangkok, Joe receives a confirmation email along with an invitation to further personalise his stay there. He views the options that are available to him as a leisure guest: A discounted room upgrade offer, a limousine pick-up service from the airport, a spa package, and daily breakfast served to his room. Joe decides to upgrade to a bigger room and take up the spa package upon seeing the discounted offers.

Pre-arrival travel planning is often prioritised by guests as it helps prepare for an optimal experience. Hotels can capitalise on this by presenting guests with additional service upgrades even before they arrive at the hotel. This can be done digitally through a platform that tailors service recommendations based on the predicted wants and needs of their guests. Instead of upselling and stressing guests during the check-in phase, consider sending these upsell options during pre-arrival in order to maximise the chances of sales conversion.

Personalised deals not only provide incremental revenue to the hotel, but it also shows the effort being put into understanding their guests. The good first impression sets the stage up for more guest engagements, whether it be complimentary or paid.

During the Stay

Joe arrives at the hotel and is very satisfied with his decision to upgrade his room to one with a stunning view. Here are five scenarios where he immerses himself in the hotel’s experience during his stay:

Scenario 1:

He decides to go to the front desk to check out nearby attractions. The front desk staff informs Joe that there is a promotion for temple tours with a local tour agency. 

Scenario 2:

After an exhausting day out shopping, Joe trudges back to the hotel. The front desk staff recommends him with a spa package to recharge his body. 

Scenario 3:

Joe uses the hotel’s in-house guest experience platform to make a room service order. Upon confirmation, an offer pops up for their house wine which he accepts.

Scenario 4:

Using the same platform, Joe makes a morning booking at the gym for the next day. The platform also notifies Joe of a breakfast-in-bed promotion which he accepts.

Scenario 5:

As Joe’s stay at Hotel Bangkok approaches its end, the front desk staff offers him a late check-out at a discounted rate.

These are just five out of many ways for hotels to increase their revenue through upselling and cross-selling. Hotels can also add to their revenue streams by collaborating with local businesses to provide special packages exclusive for guests.

However, it is important not to appear too aggressive when it comes to upselling. No one enjoys being pushed to purchase an unnecessary service and this might leave a poor impression on the hotel. 

Streamline Upselling with Technology

The examples above show that timeliness is crucial when it comes to upselling. With endless possibilities of upselling, is it possible or fair to leave this task to your operations staff? Unless you have a walking compendium, the short answer is likely to be no. But leave this to digital automation and you will stand a chance. 

Solutions like Vouch’s RevBooster are able to generate the right offers at the right time, based on the user’s behaviour, which will result in higher chances of incremental revenue.


After a relaxing week in Bangkok, Joe checks out from the hotel. A few days after checking out, he receives an email from the hotel asking for feedback and an e-voucher at a special rate should he choose to stay at the hotel again within the next year.

Even after your guest has checked out, there are still opportunities to increase revenue. Invite your guests for a return stay through time-limited offers. You may even identify domestic guests and encourage their return with offers by the restaurant, spa, or another staycation at the hotel.

Increasing revenue through upselling might seem like a difficult task for hotels, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Vouch’s RevBooster, a smart feature integrated with our guest experience platform, provides timely recommendations for guests to improve their experiences across the entire hotel journey. Selling is done natively in a seamless approach, requiring minimal effort from the hotel. 

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