Optimise The Guest Experience In Kuala Lumpur Through Technology

Elevating Hotel Guest Experience In Kuala Lumpur Through Technology

Malaysia reopened its borders to international travellers on 1 April 2022, including its land borders with Singapore. With Singaporeans recording the most number of tourist arrivals into the country, hotels can expect a high influx of guests looking for a quick weekend getaway in Kuala Lumpur. With such large competition in the market, hotels can look to boost brand loyalty and attract new customers by focusing on a brand new guest experience.

Additionally, as the world of technology continues to evolve, more guests are becoming tech-savvy. A survey conducted by Metova revealed that 86% would choose one hotel over another if one offered the option of a mobile application offering a fully contactless guest service. 

Hotels will need to keep up with the technology trend in order to improve guest satisfaction. This article shares some ways hotels can maximise the guest experience while leveraging on technology.


Understanding Your Guests

Your customers are looking for personalised experiences and they would prefer to stay in hotels that understand and cater to their needs. But before one starts talking about enhancing experiences, it is crucial that you first know who your guests are and how they behave. A refined guest experience platform can help to achieve this for hotels. 

A digital platform that offers useful digital services to enhance convenience for your guests will naturally garner high usage rates. Hotels can use data collected from the platform to better understand their customers and build different profiles to customise guest journeys, making them feel more appreciated.


Engaging Guests Digitally

With more guests relying on their mobile devices to do their initial research, hotels should consider jumping in on the bandwagon and interact digitally with their customers no matter where they are on the sales cycle. This creates a constant connection between you and your guests, whether they are in or out of the hotel.

Capitalise on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to engage with your guests. As Malaysia records a surge in staycations by 409% compared to 2019, take this time to also engage with the domestic market through popular channels like FaceBook and Youtube.

Even after your guests have left the property, there are still ways to increase their likelihood of returning. Consider doing follow-ups by asking them for feedback to continuously improve on your service and keep them coming back.


Streamline Through Digital Platforms

In the era of mobile technology, today’s guests are more likely to expect most processes to go digital. Imagine a scenario where your guest arrives at the hotel after a long flight wanting to bask in the comforts of the room, only to have to wait even longer at the front desk for check-in. This would really dampen the guest experience even before the actual stay.

By streamlining these simple processes onto a digital platform, such as mobile check-in and room service ordering through mobile phones, it creates a more efficient and pleasant way to experience the hotel, and at the same time get their services delivered to them faster. Vouch has helped hotel partners in Kuala Lumpur such as Hyatt House Kuala Lumpur Mont’ Kiara, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Furama Bukit Bintang and Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang launch digital assistants at their properties. Such a platform can save valuable man-hours at the front desk for the interactions that really matter to guests.


Maximising Data Analytics

Hotels using digital platforms collect a large amount of data about their guests, and many insights can be obtained from analysing these data. Hotels can review guests’ feedback on their experience from the hotel’s website, social media channels or post-stay surveys. This will allow for an objective understanding of any strengths or lapses in the hotel’s operations. Hotels can improve on these gaps to deliver better quality services for their guests.

Moreover, hotels can also increase on-premise revenue from data analytics. They can determine the right kind of services to recommend to each guest profile at opportunistic times. With personalised upselling, the hotel stands to benefit from a higher conversion rate and guests would feel more comfortable with purchasing since the recommendations are relevant to them. For example, when a guest seeks information about the hotel spa and intuitively, a spa promotion for non-peak hours pops up for redemption. This automated active cross selling enables a win-win situation where hotels can get incremental revenue and for guests, more apparent savings.

Hotel analytics can help boost guest experience and increase revenue concurrently, and this data can be easily obtained with a well-designed solution. With a digital guest experience platform, it can receive and store necessary data, helping hotels seek the competitive edge they need to capitalise in this market.


Employee Engagement – A Not-So Digital Solution

While it is important to consider technology to enhance guest experience, hotels should not neglect the physical aspects as well. The hotel workforce is vital in making a first impression on your guests. But in order to translate that into a great guest experience, hotels need to create a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated.

When a positive culture is established, hotels will face reduced turnover and employees will retain their passion to serve and go the extra mile for their work.


Tourism Malaysia aims to attract more than 2 million international tourists in 2022, and at the same time, travellers are looking to spend more on accommodations that offer them a differentiated experience. At Vouch, we help hotels elevate the guest experience through our digital platform. With a wide range of features covering mobile check-in, contactless dining, housekeeping services and digital compendium, you will just require one technology supplier for all your needs.

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