Pan Pacific Singapore X Vouch Case Study

Changing times in Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic turned 2020 into an extraordinary time for hotels everywhere, during which uncertainty was the only constant. At Pan Pacific Singapore — a 790-room luxury hotel that counts the Esplanade and Singapore Flyer as its neighbours — there was a more important constant guiding the hotel as it continued its operations: Going the extra mile to look after the welfare of its guests. From their health to their wellbeing, taking care of guests has always been central to Pan Pacific Singapore, and their above-and-beyond levels of service became increasingly valued by guests at this time.

Although travel was effectively frozen during this period, there were still several groups of guests staying in hotels in Singapore. In order to provide the same high quality service to these guests at Pan Pacific Singapore, the team knew they would have to be innovative and explore and leverage the latest hospitality innovations.

Meet Hospitality Goals with Hotel Technology

How could Pan Pacific Singapore use smart hotel technology to continue running its operations on reduced manpower while still delivering 5-star guest service with the right amount of human touch to reassure anxious guests?

Health monitoring was at the top of the team’s minds, in the form of daily temperature recording and check-ins on their guests.

The hotel digital solution they were looking for had to address two key considerations: Firstly, the hotel’s operations staff already had their hands full due to the disruptions; secondly, Pan Pacific Singapore was significantly larger with around twice the number of rooms that the average Singapore hotel had.

Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel Works with Vouch on Digital Guest Experience Platform during peak of Covid-19
Photo Credits: Pan Pacific Singapore

Expanding on a Digital Platform that Works

Pan Pacific Singapore had the advantage in that they were no newcomer when it came to adopting hotel digital solutions. They had embarked on an innovation project in 2019 with Vouch, which led to the implementation of their own Guest Experience Platform, Mika. AI-powered Mika provides an infinitely scalable solution to complement their call centre, automating the handling of simple guest needs like housekeeping item requests or room service orders and serving as a compendium to answer common questions.

Thinking about how Mika’s potential could be tapped even further, Pan Pacific reached out to Vouch to see what they could do to help.

After assessing the factors involved, Vouch determined that the most suitable solution would be in the form of a special feature termed ‘Temperature Declaration’, added to Mika.

The Temperature Declaration feature would allow Mika to interact with guests to automatically record their temperatures and handle the self-reporting on how they are feeling. The staff would then be able to view the data and use it to inform their operations, such as flagging out guests who are feeling unwell so that they can give more personal attention and care. This makes Mika an effective and safe contactless digital solution for Pan Pacific Singapore to take care of their guests, delivering top-notch services with a higher efficiency while still ensuring the safety of the guests and staff.

By leveraging Mika to connect with their guests, Pan Pacific Singapore saved a significant amount of man hours that would otherwise be spent on calling guests up individually, thus reducing staff workload on the manual and repetitive task of daily calls. This immediately increased the efficiency in providing the same high level of guest service. Now, the hotel staff can instead direct their time and energy towards the guests who need their attention the most.

In addition, the COVID-19 guest experience at Pan Pacific was enhanced by Mika when it came to ordering room service. As guests did not want to or were unable to leave their rooms, they appreciated the convenience and familiarity of being able to browse the hotel’s room service menu digitally and order directly from their mobile phones via Mika. For the room service staff, this streamlined the ordering process and minimised miscommunication, while also providing added flexibility in managing the digital menu.

Entering the "New Normal" with Confidence

As Pan Pacific Singapore moves towards embracing the post-pandemic “new normal”, their commitment to delivering the best service to their guests will remain at their core. With Mika augmenting the operations teams’ manpower and processes, Pan Pacific Singapore will continue to be empowered by Vouch’s contactless digital solution to do what they do best: creating exceptional guest experiences.