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Stayfolio is a boutique accommodation solution provider that focuses on providing a peaceful stay in the picturesque suburban areas, and Stayfolio’s properties have gained popularity among young, urban professional women in South Korea.

Vouch provides the latest hospitality innovation that enhances guest experience by providing guests with convenient self-service options, and the tech-savvy customers of Stayfolio are a perfect match for Vouch.

The highlights of Vouch’s solution at Stayfolio properties are multi-language support, attraction recommendations in FAQ, and live chat function, as these functions ensure that guests always have easy access to relevant information and support throughout their stays.

Breaking New Ground in Korean Hospitality Scene


Stayfolio’s Concept

Stayfolio is a Korea-based company that curates a collection of accommodations for travellers. Stayfolio’s curation features a blend of urban and suburban properties, and each one is unique and beautiful with idiosyncratic details and captivating themes. These properties appeal to both Instagram enthusiasts, and others who simply want to appreciate the beauty and sublimity in the architecture and the landscapes. 

On top of offering an impressive curation of guest houses and guest rooms as accommodation options for travellers, Stayfolio also aims to promote the local travel culture in Korea, improve the value of local tourism communities, and inspire more people to take part in creating unique travel experiences.

Stayfolio Nuwa

The Value Proposition

Getting Stayfolio onboard marks a milestone in Vouch’s expansion in Korea, and Vouch’s Digital Concierge proves to be a great addition to Stayfolio’s curated travel experiences. To date, Vouch has launched Digital Concierges for seven Stayfolio properties, and one Digital Concierge that contains information of Seochon Yoohee. Seochon Yoohee is a village transformed into a “horizontal hotel”, which is a series of low-level buildings horizontally connected to each other along the roads. Seochon Yoohee features an array of exquisite Stayfolio-listed accommodations, accompanied by restaurants, bars, and unique cultural shops in the village. Guests can access information about these locations directly through the Digital Concierge.

Stayfolio_Vertical Hotel Area Plan
Seochon Yeohee

Many popular properties under Stayfolio are idyllic suburban hideaways that are especially attractive to financially independent single women, who yearn for a peaceful, picture-perfect holiday that they deserve, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These independent women are also ideal users of the Digital Concierge, who are delighted to embrace Vouch’s contactless hospitality solution to ensure a peaceful and smooth trip. From the perspective of user adoption, Vouch and Stayfolio make a perfect match.

Some common challenges for guests staying in Stayfolio-listed properties include language barrier for non-Korean speaking guests, getting recommendations for local places of interest, as well as receiving support when they encounter unforeseen problems. Vouch’s Digital Concierge is highly effective in addressing these challenges.

Multi-language Support

All of Vouch’s Digital Concierges deployed for Stayfolio-listed properties in Korea are Korean-English bilingual. This helps Stayfolio to cater to the needs of both local and international guests. The Digital Concierge’s potential for multilingual implementation perfectly meets the goal of Stayfolio to multilingualise its content and to better accommodate international tourists.

Stayfolio works with Vouch Digital Concerige to create a bilingual digital concierge
Bilingual Digital Concierge of Somewhere

FAQ and Attractions Recommendation

The influence of Vouch’s Digital Concierge extends beyond the boundary of the property itself. Since properties curated by Stayfolio are standalone properties that do not come with common hotel facilities, guests staying in a Stayfolio-listed property often ask questions about food, attractions, entertainments and shopping options in the vicinity, and the Digital Concierge is there to give timely answers. For example, guests staying in one of the properties in Seochon Yeohee can ask the Digital Concierge for the locations and opening times of restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries. If guests just want to get to know the area, the Digital Concierge is also ready to give recommendations for places to explore.

Stayfolio FAQ and Restaurant Recommendations at Seochon Yeohee

Live Chat

On top of the FAQs, the Digital Concierge also incorporates a live chat function, which makes the Digital Concierge a one-stop communication solution for Stayfolio. Guests sometimes have uncommon requests that require immediate attention, and Stayfolio deploys a group of service specialists to answer questions through the Digital Concierge’s live chat function to ensure guests receive help in time.

The Results

The Digital Concierges have been well received by the guests staying in Stayfolio properties and saved valuable man-hours for Stayfolio in responding to guest queries and providing relevant information. After 2 weeks of launch, the Digital Concierges deployed across seven Stayfolio properties and one general purpose Digital Concierge were activated 3,636 times, with a total of 29,022 messages are exchanged, saving 32.24 man-hours.


Vouch has garnered positive testimonials from the team at Stayfolio: 

“Vouch’s Digital Concierges serve as great entry points for our guests to access useful information about the properties, so that they can enjoy all the attractions and offerings in the vicinity. We deeply appreciate Vouch’s help in saving time for our staff to answer guest queries, and in creating better experiences for guests staying in Stayfolio properties.” 


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