Vouch Launches New Interface for its Guest Experience Platform

Improved Interface Provides Better User Experience & New Features to Help Hotel Guests Get What They Need Faster and More Conveniently.

Vouch raises standards with a more seamless hotel guest experience platform with the launch of a redesigned user interface. The new look on their award-winning technology features improved aesthetics and an accessible interface that allows for more convenience and usability.

Having observed behavioural patterns of thousands of interactions on its guest experience platform, it was evident that when making service requests or getting hotel information, a large majority of users found it most intuitive to click on buttons rather than chat with an automated avatar. The results from trials held at hotels were also in agreement with the findings from their internal data.

With this improvement, users will now navigate the new guest interface by clicking on icons and widget buttons to land directly on relevant service categories. The time needed and steps required from one point to another on the platform are drastically shortened. On average, a room request on the previous interface would take 115 seconds to complete and a common query on check-out would require 29 seconds to answer. The upgraded interface now takes only on average 45 and 12 seconds respectively. Overall, users are spending 60% less time when seeking hotel information or making guest requests/orders.

Key highlights of the new guest interface

  • The platform introduces a game-changing feature that offers guests the choice of daily housekeeping levels. This will greatly reduce housekeeping’s workload and enable guests the flexibility to implement personal sustainable preferences during their stay.
  • Looking up information has gotten easier with an easy search function that anticipates and suggests search terms without users needing to complete typing their query.
  • Quick survey function on platform identifies demanding guests and service lapses during stay which offers hotels the opportunity to carry out recovery before they turn to public platforms for reviews.
  • Hotels can be informed of room faults by guests with photos and details for quicker rectification.
  • Real time request status progress display to better manage guest expectations.

The combination of changes mentioned above enables a more intuitive and frictionless digital experience for Vouch users. To learn more about Vouch’s Guest Experience Platform for hotels, drop us a message here.