National Heritage Board X Vouch


Museums need to adapt to the pandemic by leveraging digital technologies to disseminate information to visitors safely and to engage visitors in innovative ways

Vouch’s Digital Guide is a digital solution that helps museums to not only deliver information to guests safely, but also create memorable visitor experiences by taking advantage of mobile technology

The main features of the Digital Guide, namely pre-booking system for crowd control, QR code based system for high user adoption, interactive AV content, multi-language support, and data analytics potential, provide great value for museum curators

Enhanced Museum Experience Through Digitalisation


Museums in the Pandemic World

The pandemic calls for safe ways of disseminating information in museums. With the need to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for museum-goers, alternatives to traditional audio guides and interactive stations are being explored, and tours are carefully planned in small groups and in staggered timings. These challenges incentivise museums to adopt digital solutions.

Vouch x National Heritage Board

The challenges of the pandemic have sparked a collaboration between Vouch and the National Heritage Board (NHB) of Singapore, as Vouch not only builds Digital Concierges for many hotels across Asia, but also Digital Guides for museums, zoos, and shopping malls. To date, Vouch’s Digital Guide has been incorporated into several museums under the NHB, including the National Museum of Singapore, Changi Chapel and Museum, and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.

Amidst the pandemic, museum curators face the challenge of disseminating information to visitors efficiently and safely. But with the help of Vouch’s Digital Guide, visitors to museums under the NHB not only can have safe and on-demand access to relevant content, but also get to enjoy a more engaging museum experience as compared to traditional museum visits. 

Wondering how Vouch can help your museum? Here are five features of Vouch’s Digital Guide that have been proven to elevate visitor experience for visitors at museums under the NHB.

Pre-booking System for Crowd Control

Changi Chapel and Museum (CCM) reopened its door to visitors on 19 May 2021 after two years of revamp, but opening a museum amidst an ongoing pandemic proved to be a challenging feat. To ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all visitors and staff, CCM has worked with Vouch to provide a pre-booking solution to prevent overcrowding. Vouch’s intuitive interface makes it easy for visitors to pre-book their admissions by time slots, so that they can arrive at CCM with a peace of mind that they can enjoy a safe and uncrowded museum experience.

Changi Chapel Museum Digital Concierge
Pre-booking system and recommendation of attractions near CCM

QR Code Based System

Vouch’s Digital Guide can be easily activated by visitors through scanning the QR code with their own mobile phone. Compared to traditional audio-guide gadgets or in-person tour guides, Vouch’s Digital Guide has an intuitive interface that does not require elaborate instructions, which enables visitors to access information much more safely and conveniently.

Home, Truly Exhibition Digital Concierge
Example of a QR code deployed for an exhibit in Home, Truly

Interactive and Audio-Visual Content 

The Digital Guide has played a pivotal role in creating a memorable digital museum experience for Home, Truly, an exhibition featuring photographs and artefacts from 1950s Singapore, bringing to life nostalgic moments in Singapore history. With interactive games and audio-visual content delivered through the peppy persona of Chatbird, our Digital Guide aimed to complement the museum journey, and effectively address the challenges that have arised from the pandemic. 

The audio-visual content ensures that visitors can get an enriching museum experience even in the comfort of their own home, and interactive elements constitute an innovative solution for visitors to actively learn about the exhibitions, demonstrating new possibilities for more engaging museum experiences in the future

National Heritage Museum Digital Concierge Interactives
Interactive quizzes for Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (left) and Home, Truly (right)

Multi-Language Support

Getting contents ready in multiple languages is crucial for a high customer satisfaction rate. Evidentially, many visitors may prefer an alternative language rather than the default language. For instance, approximately half of the visitors to Home, Truly who engaged with our Digital Guide chose Mandarin over English.

National Heritage Museum Digital Concierge Multiple Languages
English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil implementations for the National Museum of Singapore

Data Analytics Potential

Vouch helps museums unlock invaluable data analytics potential. By collecting data such as dwell time, digital footprint, user profile and user interests with the Digital Guide, curators gain critical insights for understanding visitor behavior. This allows managers to optimise resource allocation and create memorable experiences for visitors.

The Outlook for Museums

For museums all around the world, it is time to get ready for more visitors as global travel recovers. Museums benefit from adopting Vouch’s Digital Guide for visitors to access information safely and conveniently, which is of utmost importance in the post-pandemic world.

Vouch is ready to help museums around the world. Schedule a demo with Vouch today!