Contactless Dining

Sell More with All-in-one Mobile Ordering System

Digitising the dining experience is easier than you think. Vouch’s contactless dining system is uncomplicated for customers and back-end users to navigate and allows flexible modifications such as add-ons, variations, and allergen warnings. Available for Room Service, Restaurant Dining and Takeaway. 

Our Clients:

Mapping the Vouch Guest Journey

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Visual Temptation

Upload a mouth-watering image for every dish and watch your revenue per bill skyrocket.

Easy Menu Management

Make instant edits like hiding of items, activating time sensitive promotions and changing of prices.

Accurate Orders Always

Receive error-free orders with diners making their check and confirmations before submitting.

Integration and Payment

Enable seamless experience with POS integration to complete billing without assistance from the service team.

Commonly Asked Questions

Contactless Dining

Have you tried reading a menu that was designed for print on your mobile phone? It must have been frustrating to zoom in and out of the texts and details. With Vouch, your digitised menu is laid out for optimal browsing. Navigation is easy from different categories to individual items and orders can be placed from mobile phones straight to the kitchen – sealing the sale fast.

Yes, you can. You will be given an admin account to your own F&B catalogue where you can add, amend, hide or permanently delete any item on your menu. Happy Hours only available from 1 to 7pm? Vouch can restrict viewing of certain promotions based on the time frame set by you.

Sure we can! For a better understanding of our F&B digital solutions, leave us a message via the enquiry form below.

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